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Fw: Unable to boot.. please help


	I had posted the following problem to the openbsd newsgroups and 
I have not rcvd. any replies. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me
know since I am stuck and don't know what to do. Here are some more

disk geometry (sd0):
	size		offset	fstype	[fsize	bsize		cpg]
a: 	154800	0		4.2BSD	 1024		8192		16
b:	126000	154800	swap
c:	828720	0		unused	 0		0
g:	388800	280800	4.2BSD	 1024		8192		16
h:	158400	669600	4.2BSD	 1024		8192		16

	I have tried booting with all the kernels (bsd, bsd.scsi3, even the 
ramdisk kernel that comes on the floppy22.fs) but in all cases I get the
"OpenBSD BOOT 2.0" message and the spinning indicator stops after one
revolution. I have tried installing the boot manually using installboot and
no errors are produced. The system is not frozen since I can press Stop-A
to get to the PROM prompt. I do have a floppy in the disk drive since that
helped in 1.2 boot sequence. Everything else is pretty much generic. I am
connected to a network using le0 if that helps.

	I really appreciate your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

	- rajib

-----Original Message-----
From: Rajib Rashid <rajib_(_at_)_servtech_(_dot_)_com>
Newsgroups: comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.misc
Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 12:18 AM
Subject: Unable to boot.. please help

>    I just upgraded from 1.2 to 2.2 and everything went great until
>I rebooted... now the system does not boot. The images (bsd, bsd.scsi3) are
>in / and installboot was properly called during the upgrade. But when the
>statm starts, it shows the messages:
>Boot devide: /sbus/esp_(_at_)_0,800000/sd_(_at_)_3,0  File and args: bsd
>>> OpenBSD BOOT 2.0
>thats where it would hang. I am using a sun IPX (sun4c ?) and have been very
>using 1.2 succesfully for a long time. I think I am just missing some
>important last step in the upgrade process... just don't know what it is.
>Any help would be appreciated. Please send me a copy via email to
>    Thank you..
>    rajib

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