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netscape mail problem


I'm running netscape-v303-export.x86-unknown-bsd.tar.gz on openbsd2.2
on my pentium 166 with xfree86 3.3.

But when I try to load the Netscape Mail window from the Web Browser,
the memu bar disappeares, and I can't see the menu and also can't
resize the Mail window.

I can Get Mail from the Mail window, but I can not send message with
a pop-up window of the following error message:
        Netscape is out of memory
        Try quitting some other applications or closing
        some windows.

While I have very few xterms running, and I have 32MB of RAM. The result
of 'vmstat' is quit funny though:

 procs   memory     page                    disks      faults   cpu
 r b w   avm   fre  flt  re  pi  po  fr  sr f0 s0 c0   in   sy  cs us sy id
 1 0 03839380   408   44   1  37   1   0   2  0  1  0  266 2002 177 16  7 77

Does anyone has similar problem? Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!