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Followup to JDK-linux, Kaffe, JDBC problems.

Ok... I've made some progress on my Java troubles on OpenBSD, and
thought I'd pass on an update.

	I am writing some JDBC code to connect to a Postgres v6.2.1
Database.  The code was compiled on OpenBSD v2.2 using JDK-linux in
compat mode.  The code executed fine on Windoze, and ran fine against
a local database on the OpenBSD box, but failed connections to remote
databases with the following error:

'SQLException: Can't connect. Endpoint already connected'

I tried to compile and test the code with Kaffe v0.9.2, but found that
Kaffe would compile, however not run under OpenBSD v2.2

	I have since installed Kaffe v0.9.1, which works fine, and runs 
the JDBC class properly, returning data from the remote host successfully.

This seems to indicate a problem with handling JDK-linux's network
calls by OpenBSD... I'm not sure how to remedy this, and am hoping
someone can offer a suggestion. (Does anyone know if getting the linux
networking libs would solve this? -- I'm in the process of doing this now).

It also indicates trouble with Kaffe v0.9.2... I checked the mailing
list archives for OpenBSD and Kaffe, and see that the problem has been
reported before, but could find no solutions posted. (Tim, I'm
sending this to you in hopes that you have some ideas as to what the
problem is).

If anybody has experienced similar problems, or found solutions, I'd
love to hear from you.


Tank (SPM)	<tank_(_at_)_pencom_(_dot_)_com>

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