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Install question

Hello Everyone.

I'm trying to install OpenBSD on a Pentium 133 with 16Meg Ram,
and 1.3 Gig IDE disk.  I temporarily have a scsi card and CD-ROM
installed to do the OpenBSD installation.  I am using the whole
disk for OpenBSD.  I have installed everything from the CD.  I
can boot from a floppy and mount the harddrive and read
everything fine.  The problem is that when I try and boot from the
hard drive, the machine just sits there after accessing the hard disk
for a couple of seconds.

I was looking at "http://www.openbsd.org/errata.html"; and noticed this:

>- Some rarer PC BIOS's do not like the hardrive bootblocks when used as a  
MBR. >The symptom is that the BIOS says "READ ERROR" when booting, but  
everything >suggests it should work fine. In those cases, it is sufficient to  
install >OS-BS or some other primary bootloader as the main MBR, then install  
OpenBSD >in a partition all by itself starting at a non-zero offset. For  
instance, >start OpenBSD at next track boundary or so.

well, mine doesn't say "READ Error" but if at the boot command I do something 
like this:

boot> wd0a:/bsd

Then it reports BIOS Error 1's (I think) about 6 times.

I tried installing OS-BS, but in order to boot from a floppy, I tell the CMOS
that there is no hard drive.  When running from a DOS boot floppy, the os-bs
installer reports that it cannot find the hard drive.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I suppose I could take out the hard drive, install it in another machine, and
try to install os-bs from there, but I don't even know if that's the problem.
Perhaps I made a "disk geometry" mistake in the disklabel input.  I can post
what I have for that if it helps someone figure out what I did wrong.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!


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