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problems with modem


Forgive me for the questions, but I did RTFM, and I did read this
mailing list archives.

Anyway, I just installed OpenBSD/i386.  I've got a modem sitting on
tty02 (0x3e8, IRQ 4).  The kernel thought, for some reason, that this
port is using IRQ 5, but I changed its mind.  I don't know how to save
this, yet :)  Please tell me this bit, and maybe anyone would explain
to me why tty02 defaults to IRQ 5???  But that's not why I'm bugging

The problem is that the modem doesn't seem to work under OpenBSD.  It
works perfectly under Linux (as a matter of fact, I'm using it for ppp
right now), and it works somehow under DOS, too (although I don't use
modem under dos or dos at all too much).  Well, when I run "cu -l
tty02", I get something like this:


Then I press about any key, and get the following:

cu: write: Input/output error


I tried to change the tty02 line in /etc/ttys to:
tty02   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"  unknown off local
To no avail.  So please help me to solve this.  Sorry for wasting your


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