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Problems booting mac68k openbsd 2.1

Hello All,

I recently bought the CD Rom for OpenBSD2.1.  I installed the mac68k
software on a Performa 577 with the following configuration:

2 SCSI hard drives...  MacOS on 350M internal, OpenBSD on 500M external
36M memory
68040 CPU (I replaced the 68LC040 with a true 68040)
2nd video card in PDS slot
Ethernet card in Comm slot

I installed everything off the CD, except the kernel...  I grabbed the
kernel from ftp.openbsd.org.  I'm using bsd-genericsbc.  When I try to use
the booter, the log file looks fine, the system switches to what appears
to be the BSD console and freezes with the message

preserving 306485 bytes of BSD symbol table

I've turned off all Mac Extensions and tried the bsd-generic kernel.
Those actions didn't help at all.  I read the FAQ and the install
instructions, but they didn't seem to shed much light on the subject.  Any
suggestions on where to go from here?

Thanks in advance,


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