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Re: Source file differences

"Rodney M. Hopkins" <rhopkins_(_at_)_sunflower_(_dot_)_com> wrote:


> Can someone tell me what the difference between the "src.tar.gz" file and
> the "srcsys.tar.gz" file on the OpenBSD FTP mirror sites is before I go to
> the trouble of downloading them both?

I believe that:

  src.tar.gz    : whole src tree, possibly including kernel src?
  srcsys.tar.gz : just kernel src (ie. /usr/src/sys)

> Do I need both to be able to re-compile everything on my mac68k system, or
> do I need one, or the other, or parts of each?  I would eventually like to
> be able to not only build my own kernels, but also be able to recompile the
> "world" for my platform.

Kernel src for building a new kernel, or the whole src tree for
rebuilding the whole system (world).