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New snapshots

The following new snapshots are almost done creeping to the mirror

i386	- has been tested on about 30 machines so far, 1 failure(?))
alpha	- not tested yet
arc	- not tested yet
sparc	- tested on an SS2

We are moving closer to making another OpenBSD release. Hence it is
important that everyone who can, please sit down for 20 minutes and
test at least the snapshot floppy, to ensure it works on your machine.
Just boot it to the # prompt.

I think some other snapshots are coming soon.  Hopefully the next
release will also include:

pmax	- no snapshot :-(
mac68k	- no snapshot :-(
hp300	- no snapshot :-(
mvme68k	- no snapshot :-(
amiga	- no snapshot :-(

I do not know if the following is coming:

sun3	- no snapshot :-(


If you are concerned about whether one of these latter ones will be in
the 2.2 release, now is the time to beat up your maintainer and/or
help them start building and testing snapshots.  Otherwise, you know
how it is... things slip... and then it's too late....

Oh yes. Help with building and/or testing X for some of these
platforms would also be appreciated.  A person who wants to help with
X would simply upgrade to current (either rebuild or simply install a
snapshot) and then contact some of our X people.