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Lots of problems

I'm running into one problem after another.  I know I may be asking stupid
questions, but I've been using a Mac most of my life and I'm not used to
having some choice on how my system works.  I got it yo boot in muti-user
mode, and I got my hard drive mounted read-write, but my list is endless.
First of all, when I try to start up, there are lots of memory faults.  I'm
not sure what they are, but I know they're giving me memory faults.

There's also a problem of changing my password.  Whenever I try to change
my password, it brings up the "new password" and "retype new password"
prompts, but that, after a couple minutes, it says "password unchanged".

Also, I do I access my floppy drive?  I've downloaded a few little text
files with stuff I'd like to be able to read in OpenBSD, but I can't figure
out how to read the disk.  (Yes, it's on a PC disk, not a Mac disk, if it

And finally, anybody know of any good pages to help me out?  Chris Kuethe
told me to get the SMM, but that's postscript, and I don't know how to view
it.  (I do have a postscript printer.)

Thanks in advance.

Morgan Wajda-Levie
"Remember, the enemy's gate is down"