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YP passwd update problem


We are using OPENBSD2.1 as our NIS server. Most of the things
are working perfectly, before I tried to add in a new user.
The story is bit long, so please spare a minute to read it...

Since we don't want the NIS to export the password information
such as root, uucp, etc, we put our users' passwd info in
another file, say 'passwd123', and we editted the yp-makefile
to make it using the file 'passwd123' we are using.

We used to do the following thing on a SUNOS 4 machine:

        1. edit /var/yp/Makefile to let passwd entry looking for
           /etc/passwd123 rather than /etc/passwd.
        2. Every time I need to add a new user, I editted the file
           'passwd123' to add the user's loginname, uid, gid, 
           home directory and login shell, and run 'ypmake'
           to update the YP database.
        3. Create the corresponding home directory, ...
        4. Assign a password to the new user by using 'passwd' command

I did the similar thing on our OPENBSD2.1 NIS server, and
things are going well until step 4: I didn't get a YP-password
for the new user in /etc/passwd123, but a local passwd entry in
the /etc/passwd file. I also tried to assign the passwd on a 
client machine by using -y option, but I got the same result.

(It seems to me that YP tried to update the password, but couldn't
find it in /etc/passwd, then write an entry in this file, while I
expected it can go to find the file "passwd123" I used.)

I wonder whether it's a bug in OPENBSD or I didn't something wrong.

Thanks in advance for any hints.