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MV162FX serial driver problems ?


I'm trying to boot a diskless Motorola MVME162FX under
OpenBSD 2.1 (from the distribution of the CD). Everything is fine,
except that when init takes over, the serial console hangs: no output
from the rest of the boot.

However the boot continues OK most of the time, and I can log through
the network, and see that the console getty failed. If I try to enable
a getty on the second port, it also fails miserably.

Sometimes a few characters of the 'Automatic reboot in progress'
message are displayed, but there must be a panic or total lockup of
the board because it never becomes reachable through the Net.

I know from using these boards under VxWorks that a modification is
needed for the 'FX' boards in the serial driver because of the
different CPU frenquency: the FX boards don't work under older VxWorks

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance.