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OpenBSD 2.0 mac68k install problems

I've grabbed the mac68k port of OpenBSD 2.0 and am attempting to
install it.  The target machine to run the OS is an old Macintosh
IIsi I have laying around, but to speed up the install, I attached
the installation disk (an external 350MB IBM drive that I ripped
out of a Perform 6115 and stuck in an APS case) to my PowerCenter Pro
180.  I ran into the problems listed below.  (To check whether these
difficulties might simply be due to running the utilities on a
Power Macintosh, I attached the installation disk to the IIsi and
repeated my attempts.  The results were the same.)

- If I create a number of partitions on the install disk, mkfs doesn't
always see them all.  I gathered from perusing the NetBSD mac68k FAQ that
this is a common problem and that leaving a small scratch area at the
end of disk allows mkfs to see all partitions.  That seems to work for
OpenBSD mkfs, as well.

- Installer 1.1a crashes as soon as I select a file to install and
click "Done".  Installer 1.1d from the current OpenBSD snapshot and
Installer 1.1 from NetBSD 1.2.1 don't exhibit this problem.

- All installers I tried only show the first two mkfs'd partitions
(a and g when i enter the Mini-shell and run "disklabel" and whatever
MacOS partitions there might be.  For example, if I've created a third
A/UX partition as, say "A/UX Free slice 3", which I would expect to
be partition d perhaps, disklabel doesn't show it at all.  This isn't
a showstopper, since I can create a root+usr partition big enough to
hold everything.  But then I run into the next problem:

- I can install the base20 and etc20 distribution sets with no
problems.  I cannot install bsd20 - I get a message about a crc
error.  I suspect this is a spurious error because if I move the
bad20.tar.gz file to another UNIX box, I can gunzip and untar it
with no problems.  I tried moving the bsd file extracted that way
back to the Macintosh and installing it as /bsd with cpin in the
Mini-shell, but when I try to boot OpenBSD it starts loading, then
quickly panics.  (Should I use something other than cpin?)

- Several other of the distribution sets give me crc errors, too.
(I've tried re-downloading some of these from different sites, with
no luck.)

- (Cosmetic bug) All installers ignore command-M as a shortcut for
Mini-Shell until after Mini-Shell is invoked using the mouse once
from the File menu.  After that, command-M works as it should.

I tried grabbing the 2.1 mac68k distribution from the snapshots area,
and I can install base and etc (as above), but every other file gives
me a crc error.  As above, I can move the files to another UNIX box and
run gunzip and tar xf with no problems.

Any tips?  I can install NetBSD 1.2.1 with no special difficulty, now
I'd like to compare OpenBSD to it.

Paul DuBois
Home page: http://www.primate.wisc.edu/people/dubois
 Software: http://www.primate.wisc.edu/software

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