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I am not sure if this is a place for SCSI discussion. If not , please
forward this mail to anywhere , you think, I can get the answer.

thanks a lot in advance!

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Jeff Polk wrote:
> The contents of the cdb (whatever type) are determined by the
> device.  You'll have to fill them in appropriately and the system will
> send them to the device without doing anything to them.
> Jeff

I rewrote the source code of CDR to make them work for scanner.
when I do the Inquiry command , it is ok. However, if I do mode sense
command like the following:

	bf *bftab = current_cmd->cmd_bf;
	pm *pmp;

	restore_default("dbd", &dis_block_descriptor);
	restore_default("pc", &page_control);
	restore_default("pcode", &page_code);

	save_default("pf", &pf);
	save_default("sp", &sp);



	pmp = extract_bf("bdl", 0);
	printf("pm_value is %s\n", pmp->pm_value);
	bftab[1].bf_len = pmp->pm_byte + pmp->pm_value + 1;

	pmp = extract_bf("mdl", 0);
	bftab[2].bf_buf = &bftab[1].bf_buf[bftab[1].bf_len];
	bftab[2].bf_len = pmp->pm_value + 1 -
	    (bftab[2].bf_buf - bftab[1].bf_buf);

And then I got the message 
" scsi status:check condition:illegal request:parameter value invalid."
and program exited with code 01

can you see what is wrong with the parameter value?

Also, if I run the READ10 command and only to get the following:

"scsi status: check condition, class 1, code 10"

how to decode calss 1, code 10

thanks a lot for your helps


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