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Re: Unable to TCP connect to OpenBSD/mac68k

> From: Sean McNamara <sean_(_at_)_zaxxon_(_dot_)_apana_(_dot_)_org_(_dot_)_au>
> Subject: Unable to TCP connect to OpenBSD/mac68k
> The two machines are connected via a 10BaseT crossover cable (no need for a
> hub with only two devices).
> I can't think of anything else I can do - is there a settings file or
> daemon I'm missing? Could it be a problem from the Q840AV side?

I can't see anything obviously wrong with the setup as you have it that
would explain why ping would work and nothing else.  There is a program
availble in OpenBSD called tcpdump that can give you good information
about what the OpenBSD system is seeing on it's end of the wire.

Using the "arp -a" and "netstat -r" commands will also give you some
information about whether the OpenBSD system has seen the other end
of the wire and whether it thinks it has a route to that system.

> I couldn't seem to find a message ine mailing list archives which fit my
> problem (are the archives available as a downloadable file?).

That would be nice...