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man page standard

by looking at the headers of many manpages i discovered there are
many ways words are written and these headers are written.
What my focus of interest is is the line between NAME and
SYNOPSIS on the manpages. I want to use it as the short
explanation in a short reference manual i suggested a few days ago.

What i mean i want to explain with an example:

     mount - mount file systems
             ^1                ^2

1. sometimes the first char has capital letters, sometimes not.
2. sometimes there is a full stop at the end of the sentence,
   sometimes not.
3. sometimes there is a full sentence, sometimes a part of it.
4. many words are typed at two locations in two ways, just type in the
   following command:

ls -l /sbin/mount*|awk '{ print $9 }'|xargs -n 1 basename|xargs -n 1
man|awk 'BEGIN{ } /NA/,/SY/  {print $0}   END {}'|grep mount

   and you get this:
     mount - mount file systems
     mount_ados - mount an AmigaDOS file system
     mount_cd9660 - mount an ISO-9660 filesystem
     mount_ext2fs - mount a ext2fs file system
     mount_fdesc - mount the file-descriptor file system
     mount_ffs, mount_ufs - mount a Berkeley Fast File System
     mount_kernfs - mount the /kern file system
     mount_lfs - mount a log-structured file system
     mount_msdos - mount an MS-DOS file system
     mount_nfs - mount nfs file systems
     mount_portal - mount the portal daemon
     mount(2),  unmount(2),  fstab(5),  mount(8)
     mount_procfs - mount the process file system
     mount_ffs, mount_ufs - mount a Berkeley Fast File System
     mount_union - mount union filesystems
     mountd - service remote NFS mount requests

There are at least three different ways the word 'file system' is 
written. *I* don't know what is correct:)
Just wanted to express that i would like it to be more consistent.

Of course i rather like the 'real' work to get done that many of you
do. But if someone finds the time it would be nice to decrease the
amount of typos and mistakes all over the manpages. 

PS: If someone would like to have a look at how i imagine a short reference
manual could look like just tell me and i send you a postscript file
with the skeletton of it. 

PPS: Very strange to me that 

ls -l /sbin/mount*|awk '{ print $9 }'|xargs -n 1 basename|xargs -n 1 man|awk 'BEGIN{ } /NAM/,/SY/  {print $0}   END {}'|grep mount

doesn't work..

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