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Old mouse-positioning bug in newest pmax snapshot

Hi !

On Apr 3rd, Michael L. Hitch wrote:

>On Apr  3,  8:42am, Thomas Seidmann wrote:
>> problems with the behaviour of the mouse on the 5000/25. First, there is a
>> part of the screen (approximately the right 1/5), which can't be reached
>> by the pointer. Second, while having more than one window on the desktop,
>  This appears to be a bug in the cursor position routine for the 5000/xx
>display.  The ims332PosCursor() procedure in pmax/devs/ims332.c compares the
>x position against the framebuffer height and the y position against the
>framebuffer width.  I think the x position is the horizontal position and
>needs to be compared with the framebuffer width (and y compared with the
>fb height).  I made this change on my kernel and I am now able to position
>the cursor to any position on the screen.
I just installed the 970512-pmax-snapshot on a 5000/33... it has still the old
bug as discussed in the NetBSD mailing lists. Maybe this can be merged
into the final sources for OpenBSD/pmax 2.1.


Jan Mueller
INET: jan_(_dot_)_mueller_(_at_)_tu-harburg_(_dot_)_d400_(_dot_)_de