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make snapshot fails


I tried (yes, I tried it at home!) to build a current snapshot on my 
Pentium box, but it failed in a funny way:

fury:src {108} cat $CVSROOT/.ctm_status
OpenBSD-cvs 260
fury:src {109} make build
fury:etc {115} make snapshot
[everything is installed, the INST kernel is build, and some crunching is 
/bin/rm -rf /home/hgw/snapshot/snapshot
install -d -o root -g wheel -m 755 /home/hgw/snapshot/snapshot
cd /home/hgw/snapshot && tar cf - bin  | -9 -9 > snapshot/bin.tar.gz
/bin/sh: -9: not found
tar: Failed write to archive volume: 1 <Broken pipe>
*** Error code 127

This is caused by the environment variable "GZIP=-9", which is set in my 
.cshrc for several month now. It never caused problems and the machine is 
fast enough that I do not see any difference in compression speed to gzip 

Has anybody seen the same problem?

cu, hgw

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