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Re: Kernel Panic

On May  4,  8:14pm, Thomas Graichen wrote:
> Jan Mueller (jan_(_dot_)_mueller_(_at_)_tu-harburg_(_dot_)_d400_(_dot_)_de) wrote:
> : Hi  !
> : I'm running OpenBSD/pmax current on a
> : DS 5000/33.
> : I usr the Xcfbpmax server, which
> : Michael Hitch updated a few days ago.
> : When I load a large program (i.e. Mosaic)
> : and do some heavy mouse-movement, the
> : system reboots with a panic:
> :      panic: remrunqueue
> :      syncing disks... 20 20 15 6 done
> : and so on.

  Hmmm, that panic looks somewhat familiar.  I think I've seen it before
on NetBSD, but not lately.

> i'm currently working on a first 2.1 pre-release snapshot
> including freshly compiled X (as always X11R6 clients and
> X11R5 servers) - i also got the changes to Xcfbpmax from
> michael hitch (thanks again to him) and will include them
> into the server of that snapshot - hopefully that will fix
> your problems - so stay tuned for my announcement on the

  The changes I made to Xcfbpmax would not be very likely to change the
remrunqueue panic.  The remrunqueue panic occurs when a call to remrunqueue()
is made with a process which doesn't appear to be on the run queue specified
by the process priority.  I'm not sure why this would occur, but I would
suspect something to do with the spl* levels and the pmax interrupt structure.


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