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Kernel Panic

Hi  !

I'm running OpenBSD/pmax current on a
DS 5000/33.
Because there is no pre-compiled X11,
and I didn't get X to compile (one or two
libs won't build), I use the X11R6.3
snapshot from NetBSD.

I usr the Xcfbpmax server, which
Michael Hitch updated a few days ago.

When I load a large program (i.e. Mosaic)
and do some heavy mouse-movement, the
system reboots with a panic:

     panic: remrunqueue
     syncing disks... 20 20 15 6 done
and so on.

Same with the old Xcfbpmax.

Is this a kernel or X-server error ??


Jan Mueller
INET: jan_(_dot_)_mueller_(_at_)_tu-harburg_(_dot_)_d400_(_dot_)_de