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Q: CVS problems...

Hi again-

Well, I haven't gotten much further with my kernel builds, however, I
have found that if I compile with the adaptec-1502 driver instead of
the adaptec-2940 driver, things go fine...

This has led me to wonder if I pulled down current on a bad day for
the 2940... I went to pull down the latest changes, but CVS hangs
after the following:

#cvs -q get -PA src
cvs checkout: connect: Connection refused
cvs checkout: trying to start server using rsh
The machine then sits there.... I have left it for over 15 minutes, with
no response, and have tried doing an update instead of get, and also
have taken it out of quiet mode.  None of this caused any change.

I have also tried hitting against a number of different CVS servers,
all with the same result...  

Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


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