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Re: Open|NetBSD on SolBourne?

I received several requests for these machines. I talked to our data
center manager and right now there seem to be a couple of machines
available pretty much right away and some more in the future. If you
are *SERIOUSLY* interested (preferrably to port some *BSD), here are
things to consider:

- you must be a non-profit/educational organization so that we can
  donate the machines

- the systems are about seven feet tall, very heavy, and need special
  power (110/20A, I think), air conditioning is probably necessary

- they are located in San Jose, CA and you must be able to pick them
  up yourself

- judging from how often the Grumman guy needs to replace stuff, the
  hardware seems to get close to th end of its useful life

If you still can use a machine, drop me a line and I'll forward it.


> For what it's worth, we have a bunch of Solbourne 5E/950 and 6E/950
> here at work that are in the process of being decommissioned. If
> anyone is seriously interested in porting *BSD to them, I can check
> what our plans are.
> Alex.