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Sparc Servers Floppies for inst20.fs

I downloaded the floppy for our sparc server for a new inst and that file
doesn't seem to want to work.  I made the boot disk on another Unix box
here which is FreeBSD and did this command dd if=inst20.fs of=/dev/rfd0
I made this one and the kc20.  The kc20 with that command and the if
replaced worked fine.  I want to know if their is a problem with that file
or did I forgot some variables or files.  The exact error is this.
Bad magic numbers in disk label
Can't open Sun disk label package 
Can't open boot devices.
What should I do.  I need to install this right away on this box.

Adam Furman    
System Administrator of Sunfire.ucs.net
Irc HUB Admin of irc.ucs.net

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