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disk space shortage

Ok, the situation is that OpenBSD is running out of disk space.  If
anyone is in a position where they can donate some nice large disks it
would be _very_ much appreciated.  We definately need a lot more disk
space before the 2.1 release, but we could sure use some now,
ie. right now.  We've been feeling the crimp for about a month (as
soon as we started doing snapshots again).

I should also mention... seeing as OpenBSD is in Canada, there isn't
going to be a way to make it tax deductable in the US.

Disks in the 2G or larger sizes would be best... anything smaller
would just fill up scsi bus ID's and cause more termination problems.
My calculations are that when we build 2.1 we are going to need nearly
another 8GB worth of disk..

I probably also need to buy another scsi card for the machine.  I can
foot a part of the bill, but I've already put a lot of money into the
project so if anyone is especially happy with OpenBSD this is a good
time to show your thanks ;-)

This is one of the small battles I'm fighting at the moment...

[cvs  219 ]# df ~ftp
Filesystem  512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd0h      1511419  1422184    13664    99%    /cvs.d

Thanks for listening to my pleading ;-)

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