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Help Installing on Notebook

Well, work just provided me with this nifty new Micron TransPort
notebook computer.  Of course I'm planning on trashing the harddrive and
installing a real OS on it.

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers.  I want to
install via ftp from my other OBSD box.  I can't however get the book
kernel to recognize the PC CARD 3COM 3c589 ethernet card.

In fact, the link light doesn't even come on.  (I do know that it does
turn on under Win95).  My guess is that the Cirrus PCIC to PCI bridge
isn't getting configured correctly (well that and the bootup messages
says that none of the pci0 devs are configured).

Okay, so here's where I get flakier than usual.  What exactly do I have
to change when I bootup with a -c options.  I've always worked on
desktop machines before, so this is all *really* new to me.

I'm sure I haven't provided all the necessary nuggets of info that
everyone would like.  If I'm missing something, I'll let you know what
I'm getting.

Thanks in advance...


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