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Netscape Update


Hopefully some of you remember my problems w/ netscape not being able to
display java apps. I'm using XFree86's 3.2 Imagine 128 server and
X11R6.1 binaries/libraries... netscape is version 3.01 gold for BSDi. I
have been able to see the "place" in the HTML where the java execution is
to take place, however all that is there is a big, empty space.

I contacted netscape about the problem, and one of their tech-support
people sent me a standard "we don't know enough to solve this problem, if
you are a paying customer call our 800 #" reply email.

I've tried different resolutions from the console w/ no avail (-bpp 8, 16,
32). HOWEVER, when running netscape on my computer with the display on a
Windows 3.11 box running PC-Xware, I *WAS* able to see the java apps
displayed!!! I've also tried turning XDM off and on, but no dice.

Flashing back to my 1st mail to the list regarding this, this same problem
occured on Digital Unix 4.0, and DEC quickly released a patch for
libXt.so. I'm interested in getting this fixed, so:

1) Is anyone else having this problem?
2) If you are, please contact me!
3) Based on the above information, does it look like we need to do
something to our X libraries?

I also asked the fine (that's used sarcastically at this point) people at
netscape if they had a contact at Digital who could tell us what was wrong
wtih libXt.so so we could patch it ourselves. No dice :(

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