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The sorrows of GUS


   I run openbsd.  I just got a GUS card.  While getting it
to work I noticed some problems.  First the details:

  /bsd: gus0 at isa0 port 0x220-0x22f irq 9 drq 6
  /bsd:  <Gravis UltraSound version 3.0, 1024KB DRAM, half-duplex>

  gus0    at isa? port 0x220 irq 9 drq 3

ok, with those settings the card seems to work ok.  I can record
from /dev/audio and play back to /dev/audio.  /dev/sound seems
fine too.  Now the problems:

I tried all the valid drq's (1,3,5,6,7) and only drq 3 worked
properly.  drq 5 caused the system to panic.  The others
simply gave noise during playback.  The gus is capable
of full-duplex operation but I need two working drqs to use
full duplex operation.  If I grep /var/log/messages or
my system config file for "drq" I only see drq 2 used for floppy.
Where are all my other drq's getting used?

No matter which drq I use I always get messages from the
kernel during playback:

  /bsd: isadma_abort: no request active on 3

What is the cause of this?

I suspect more problems (ie. PCM16 being settable but
not doing the right thing) but I'm not absolutely sure

Also has anyone ported an mp2/mp3 player to work with
the *BSD audio driver?

                                        Tim N.