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sendmail? secure?

I just discovered OpenBSD when I saw Theo de Raadt's posting to
comp.security.unix in the "Sendmail 8.8.4 REMOTE EXPLOIT!!"
thread. His tag line:

    www.OpenBSD.org -- We're fixing security problems so you can sleep
    at night. 

struck a chord, so I checked out the web site. I'm thrilled at the
prospect of an operating system that gives security more than lip

However, I was a little disappointed to see that OpenBSD still uses
sendmail, given its long history of security problems and its
inherently insecure design. I know there's a lot of momentum behind
sendmail, but how can an OS that claims to provide piece of mind
justify incorporating the most notorious offender? Is OpenBSD's
installation uniquely secure? If so, how?

Have other MTA's been considered for OpenBSD? I would think qmail
would be logical choice. I know it's still prerelease, but I've been
using it since the early betas, nearly a year now, and it's been rock