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M68k gas from current tree

Using the current OpenBSD source tree, I have compiled gcc and binutils
for m68k-unknown-openbsd2.0.  With this I am having trouble compiling
lib/csu/m68k/crt0.c.  as complains on the lines:

bcc 1f


1: movel a7@, a0

this all seems to work ok with my m68k system created from the 2.0
tar balls.  Although the as from the tar file reports
GNU assembler version 1.92.3, NetBSD $Revision: $
and mine says:
GNU assembler version cygnus-2.7.1 (m68k-unknown-openbsd2.0), using BFD version cygnus-2.7.1

Can anyone give me any pointers on this?  Am I supposed to be using
a different version of the tools?



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