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NetBSD-Users dont use NFS ..:)

a few months ago i asked on NetBSD mailing lists
what i can do to get a machine with NetBSD (OpenBSD,Linux,..)
into a usable state after a nfsserver halts before i
unmount the appropriate mountpoints i previously mounted
from the nfsserver.

I never got an answer.

Is here someone experienced with nfs who can answer the question?
Of course the obviously things fail (umount -f).
I think this must be a very big problem on clusters where one
machine mounts things from another. Accesses to the 
mountpoint (eg. df) fail and stall the process.

I sometimes forget to umount things of a machine that i shutdown 
then via a halt remotely. I only get the machine usable again
when rebooting the other machine (not usable means all accesses to the
mountpoint freeze the process).

Any hints?
Carsten Hammer  Schwindstr. 7 33615 Bielefeld
Fakultaet fuer Physik          D4-139

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