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Problems With X!!!

Wow, this is wacky.  I've been working on getting X installed.  So
here's the low-down.

First, does X need /dev/ttyC3 to work?  I would start up X and it would
just exit and say that the server exited.  I recompilled the kernel with
pcvt support and X said that it couldn't find /dev/ttyC3.  So, a simple
MAKEDEV /dev/ttyC3 and viola it works.  I reboot the machine and use the
kernel with pccons support.  X now works as well.

Does this mean that /dev/ttyC3 needs to be added in the "all" list of
MAKEDEV?  I'm not sure, but I thought someone would like to know.

But wait, there's more!  8)  I've got a PS/2 style mouse.  I've
recompiled the kernel with the pms0 driver.  Whenever I start X, the
mouse move over to the left hand side of the screen and starts going
into a spasm!  Moving the mouse only causes it to slide up or down the
side of the screen.  8(

Is this driver flaky or am I doing something wrong?  And yes, the mouse
is in the correct slot, /dev/pms0 is the mouse device listed in my
XF86Config file.



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