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Re: Installation Woes

In article <53ce4h$7g3_(_at_)_ifi_(_dot_)_uio_(_dot_)_no> you wrote:

> Of course I'm getting the following output:

> swapon: /dev/wd1b: device not configured
> mount_ffs: /dev/wd0b on /var: Device busy

> So, do I need to recreate these devices somehow?  I figure the swapon
> one may just be because I need to recompile the kernel and tell the
> kernel to swap on wd1.  Is this a good guess?

> But I'll be honest, I've got no idea where I'm getting the second error
> message from.  Should I newfs /dev/wd0b?  Do I need to recreate or tweak
> it's device?  Maybe it just wants a good spanking?

I would suggest you make a new kernel and change swap on generic
to "swap on sd1b".  Mount error is probably beacuse at this
point, wd0b (is that the same as sd0b ?) is beeing used as 
swap an thus really busy. (do pstat -s to see for yourself.)

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