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Installation Woes

Well, I'm CVS'ing the source as we speak.  Hey, I may actually go home
and work on that problem set now.  8)

But here's the one problem I mentioned earlier.  I've got two drives.
When I set up OpenBSD on wd0 I had it make  root, swap and /usr
partitions.  Set everything.  I then had setup go to town on wd1 and
make a root and swap partition.

Why?  Well, I edited the disktab for wd1 and changed wd0b from a swap
partition to a 4.2BSD partition.  Why?  Well, I'm used to having the
machine set up with /, /usr, and /var on the big disk (wd0), and /tmp
and swap on the other one (wd1).  I guess it's just a case of teaching
an old dog a new trick.  Well, I also like to make life difficult for

Of course I'm getting the following output:

swapon: /dev/wd1b: device not configured
mount_ffs: /dev/wd0b on /var: Device busy

So, do I need to recreate these devices somehow?  I figure the swapon
one may just be because I need to recompile the kernel and tell the
kernel to swap on wd1.  Is this a good guess?

But I'll be honest, I've got no idea where I'm getting the second error
message from.  Should I newfs /dev/wd0b?  Do I need to recreate or tweak
it's device?  Maybe it just wants a good spanking?

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rambling and I look forward to any
and all pointers.


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