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Re: a nonuser question

graphix_(_at_)_iastate_(_dot_)_edu wrote:

:   Hi, I am not a user of openbsd but am interested in browsing the source
: code from time to time.  Does openbsd have a system simular to ctm that is
: used in freebsd?  My connection to the world is via a ppp
: connection and I am affraid that using cvs over this will be very frustrating.
: A method that would minimize the amount of information that I need to gather
: to keep the cvs tree on my local machine is what I would like.

i'm working on it - will say it's working fine - i'm just waiting for some
time to write the announce for it (we moved yesterday so i have a lot other
things to do in the moment) - stay tuned - it should start around next week


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