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Ok, we are experiencing some anoncvs problems.

anoncvs1.usa.openbsd.org keeps crashing; we've no idea why. an
    identical machine here is 100% reliable under heavy load.
    maybe it's disk driver can't handle 2 disks.

anoncvs2.usa.openbsd.org has a full disk at the moment and it's
    maintainer is away.

anoncvs.tw.openbsd.org is experiencing DNS problems, maybe because
    of a typhoon that hit there over the last few days.

so only anoncvs.uk.openbsd.org is currently operating, thanks Peter...

there are two more anoncvs servers being setup in the next while, one
in the USA and one in Europe...

But it would be nice to have even more sites running them.  I'd like
to ask anyone who has some spare disk space, a fat link, and a few
extra cpu cycles but who does not currently run OpenBSD to consider
running one -- it's not too hard to set one up. University sites are
ideal -- that's what universities are for, right? :-)

But we could sure use some more help!