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Prospective User's OpenBSD questions

(NOTE...Please CC a copy of your response to my e-mail,
jgoerzen_(_at_)_complete_(_dot_)_org, because I am not subscribed to this list [yet <g>])

I am currently running FreeBSD and am pondering a switch to OpenBSD.

I have a few questions I hope somebody can answer.

 - I assume OpenBSD will run NetBSD's DOS emulators?
 - Is the serial device support in OpenBSD good?
 - How easy are installs and upgrades?
 - Does OpenBSD support my existing FreeBSD ufs filesystem?  Better yet,
   can I install it over my existing FreeBSD installation, on the same
   filesystem setup?
 - Do I need to know any kind of "disk geometry" stuff?  FreeBSD detected
   it all for me.
 - Does the Linux emulator properly emulate Linux sound?  I never could
   get RealAudio stuff working under FreeBSD.
 - Documentation?  Enough to get me started with install and kernel
   recompile, I hope?
 - What will I lose by switching from FreeBSD to OpenBSD?  What will I gain
   by making that change?  (In general)
 - The things most important to me are:
   - Disk performance
   - Fairly painless install/upgrade.  I don't mind running tar, etc.
     manually.  I do mind having to do a lot of messing with partitions like
     FreeBSD, which has like 20 gazillion different programs to set up
     your partitions and slices, all of which have different documentation,
     some of which do the same thing, and none of which have clear
   - Multi-boot capability, like FreeBSD BootEasy, Linux LILO, OS/2
     BootManager, etc.

Thanks for your time & information!

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