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Re: FreeBSD ports accessible from OpenBSD

: Recently we imported FreeBSD's ports mechanism into OpenBSD.  For those of
: you that don't know about the ports collection I suggest reading
: <a href="http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html";>this</a>.
: We've needed to hack ftp & patch, import FreeBSD's pkg* tools and added
: MD5 hashing to libc (well it was there already in a light form)
: and a md5 binary.  Furthermore there are some mk files in share/mk which
: are the key to the whole concept.  So what to do?

Cool.  I'm glad to see this reuse in other OSes.

The ports stuff was thrashed about very badly in the FreeBSD camp for
quite some time.  It has become very nice and I'm glad to see it in
OpenBSD now.