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Re: why OpenBSD?

: Heh.. well this isn't yet ready...  He just outlined what we want to be able
: to do.  This requires a GCC layout that supports cross-compilers, which
: NetBSD doesn't.

Neither does FreeBSD :-)

The problem with cross compiling a kernel is that genassym gets build
with the same compilers that build the .o's for the target system.
Needless to say, a genassym compiled with a pica compiler won't work
on my i386 box.  I believe that cross compiling the system will have
similar problems, as many programs automatically generate some of
their files with binaries.  I know that was a problem that I had
building an ancient copy of FreeBSD (like 1.0 GAMMA timeframe) on the
fast sparc machines at work.  I've not tried anything newer of any of
the *BSD systems to see if things are better now or not.