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Re: Lockup with 3.7-snapshot + RAIDframe

Birczi Gabor wrote:
> I run an x86 box:
>  - OpenBSD 3.7-snapshot
>  - wd0a+d: 1x20Gb hdd with rootfs
>  - raid0c: 2x230Gb RAID1 using RAIDframe
>  - svnd0c: blowfish crypted blockdevice on raid0
>  - svnd0a: mounted as data/backup partition
> I ran rsync comparing on a large tree (several Gb's), and dd'ing 2Gb from
> /dev/zero to a file, at the same time. Both operations took place on svnd0a.
> The whole stuff has just locked up on me :( Can ping or connect(), but
> with no answer whatsoever. I can't attach dmesg until someone reboots it.
> Please Cc: me, I'm not subscribed.

I put the HDDs in another PC, and succeeded in freezing it again. This time the
keyboard stayed responsive, and I managed to enter DDB with the hotkey.

Output (dmesg, ps) is at http://mplayerhq.hu/~gabucino/test/


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