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SellArtSmart Newsletter from art-exchange.com

Featured art consultant- Mike McGill
We met Mike a few years ago in connection with one of our listed artists.  Mike has a background in putting together important packages and this one was no exception, having a very high public profile and a large budget.  Mike recently joined forces with art-exchange to target major collectors with our message and present our artists' work to them.  He is developing and executing radio, direct mail, and email campaigns designed to build relationships with collectors across America.  
Mike McGill- one of the top art consultants working for you at art-exchange.

One way we get your art in front of art buyers is the BuyArtSmart Newsletter at newsletter.  

Commissioned works- you never have to say "no" again!  We hope you seldom have to say no, but inevitably during an artist's lifetime there are occasions when you should say no because the project is outside your scope.  If and when that happens, think of art-exchange as your resource.   Here's how our process works:
- check our database for works similar to the work the project calls for to discover qualified artists 
- contact us to help you put the proposal together
- you remain as involved or as uninvolved as you choose, working with the buyer to close the deal
- you earn money selling art because we can pay you an agency fee.
So if you know about art needs you can not meet, let us know because there is no project we can't handle.  To discuss this in more detail call Beth at (800) 647-6336 ext. 117.

List your art with us
Follow these instructions at or call Chelsea at (800) 647-6336 ext. 119 to sign up today.

Tip of the month
Interior designers influence billions of dollars of art purchases.    One way to get in front of them is to contact your local chapter of American Society of Interior Designers.  You might offer to give a talk at one of their meetings.  You have knowledge that can be helpful to them- such as framing and matting possibilities, or something you have a lot of experience with.  It might also help (if you're listed with us) to mention your affiliation with art-exchange.  Our industry partnership and regular communications to them have set you up with "instant cred".
For more tips visit www.artmarketing.com to see what Constance Smith has to say.

New product announcement
We have just come up with another new way for you to keep your art in front of people.  It's as simple as a screensaver.  In fact it IS a screensaver.  Here's how it works:
- we develop a screensaver featuring your art exclusively
- we make it available to the public from our home page for a week
- we make it available to the public from our "screensaver" page for a year
- you get an unlimited license to distribute it as you wish for as long as you want!
Download our current screensaver from
Call Debby at (800) 647-6336 ext. 107 to find out more.

Exhibitions 2005 seeking alternative media for 4th quarter show
Spring Special- submit a work in alternative media and receive 2 permanent listings free.  Call Anita at (800) 647-6336 ext. 121 to take advantage of this offer.  Valid for existing customers OR with purchase of any new listing package.

Exhibitions 2006
Exhibitions 2005 has been so valuable to our artist friends that we plan to keep the Exhibitions coming into 2006.  Once again, the first Exhibition of the year, scheduled to open January 1, 2006, will be open to all media.  Sign up online here -

NUTS & BOLTS for existing customers

Where are you?
Too often we have to frustrate buyers who select a work of art from our database only to discover that we can't obtain the work.  The artist has moved, changed phone numbers, or is just plain out of touch.  Remember, since YOU have the art, if we can't reach you we can't sell your art.  So remember to
- tell us when you move
- tell us when your phone number changes
- check your messages and return your calls!

Look at you!
Be sure to check out your virtual gallery on our site occasionally and let us know if there are changes needed- call (800) 647-6336 ext. 100 or email us at customerservice_(_at_)_art-exchange_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_

Featured product
For a limited time (through April 30), existing artist subscribers who submit an impressionist work for the 2005 Exhibition get to list an additional work in our database, FREE!  Contact Anita at (800) 647-6336 ext. 121.

Your privacy is important to art-exchange.com, inc., and we are committed to respecting your privacy at all times.  If you feel that you have received this newsletter in error and wish to be removed from our mailing list: Unsubscribe Here

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