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Exchange Links?

Hi... I was just visiting your website... I'm impressed and would like to exchange links with you and our new site called LinkFart.com.

LinkFart.com is actually  link exchange website so if you want to exchange even more links with our other sites and with our other members please go here:

http://www.linkfart.com/catalog/ to check us out &
http://www.linkfart.com/catalog/create_account.php to add your site to our directory

If you would rather just exchange links to old fashioned way, please email us back if you're interested.

Here is some more info about the LinkFart.com website... there are no ads or pop-ups and the site is completely free right now so weare not going to ask you for money and try to sell you smething.  We simply knew we could make something better then anything else out there and hope you enjoy the site.

Basically, the main features are the ability to generate a lot of link exchanges quickly and easily.  You can accept / request many links at one time and you can generate all your link html with the click of a button.  The idea is to increase your link popularity and traffic immediately.  Please try it out and give us feedback on our brand new site.


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