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['Watchdog': Attachment denied]

GROUP securiQ.Watchdog
Server: CHZH5555LACR

Your mail item contained attachments that caused an error during virus
checking. The error may have occured because an attachment was password
protected. We would like to check for any virus in attachments. Password
protection prevent us from doing this. Please resend a non-protected file
and it will go through.
Or, your mail item contained attachments that are blocked by type according
to IT Security reasons - The addressee received your e-mail without
attachment. Please contact the receiver of this e-mail for further


From:              bugs_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
To:                venkata_narayan_(_at_)_swissre_(_dot_)_com
Rec.: venkata_narayan_(_at_)_swissre_(_dot_)_com
Date:              17.10.2004 22:22:02
Subject:           [Possible Spam 11.58] Re: Your software

file is denied:     application.pif