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problem booting with diskette on sun sparcstation 5 170mhz


- I created a boot diskette with one of my sparc with OpenBSD 3.5 (dd if=floppy35.fs of=/dev/rfd0c bs=36b)
- I installed OpenBSD 3.5 with that diskette (boot and ftp install) for a sparcstation 5 85,hz and sparcclassic, everything is fine. Because of that, i ordered my 3.6 cd's set (not received yet) to encourage the best OS for SUN computer (solaris is my second choice ;) )

I try to boot the same diskette on a sparcstation 5 170mhz (turbosparc instead of microsparc) with boot floppy and boot floppy bsd and i have this problem (see ERROR OUTPUT). I don't find any info on internet about this problem. I know i can wait for my CD set's but i want to install OpenBSD on that computer soon. I know it is compatible, and i know everything will be ok with CD's

Thanks a lot!

ok boot floppy
Resetting ... 

SPARCstation 5, No Keyboard
ROM Rev. 2.29, 64 MB memory installed, Serial #9329685.
Ethernet address 8:0:20:8e:5c:15, Host ID: 808e5c15.

Rebooting with command: floppy                                        
Boot device: /obio/SUNW,fdtwo  File and args: 
>> OpenBSD BOOT 2.2
Booting bsd @ 0x4000
3413752read text: Unknown error: code 0
Instruction Access Exception
Type  help  for more information