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OpenBSD 3.6-BETA: Wrong kayboard layout (console AND X)

Just something new:

I've no < > | ´ ` ß on X even I configured /etc/X11/XFc* that I prefere
"de" with "nodeadkeys".

I deleted the # for the line:
Option "Xkblayout"  "de"
Option "XkbVariant" "nodeadkeys"

The layout is german but include dead keys.
I start to think that there's a BUG in kbd.

I changed also the kayboard to a PS2-IBM-Keyboard (also DE) but the bug
dosn't depend to the USB kayboard I use.

OpenBSD 3.6-BETA (AMD64) has a bug if it try to choose keyboard
encoding. I don't use OpenBSD the first time and I don't use X the first
time but I've the first time such problems.

I used 3.5 (amd64) on the SAME mashine (ok without scsi-controler and SB
LIVE!) but I had no problems with the keyboard encoding.

I also copied the config from my notebook because I thought I forget
something but I still get everytime the SAME wrong kayboard-layouts.
But I'm happy that OpenBSD provide me "de" using the X-Server and no
US-Layout (like it is present if I start the mashine).

I'm not able to reproduce this error on my x86er Notebook or something
else but my AMD64 has this damn bug and it nerve.
So please tell me how I can help you (pls. do not ask because a dmesg, I
sended it already some days ago) to analyse what exactly fails.
I (as user) can just tell you the layout is always WRONG.
If I start the box it's US on the console.
I reset it manualy with kbd.nodead and yes there's an entry in the
/etc/wsconsctl.con too!
Then I start X and configured it like on the notebook to "de" with no
"deadkeys" but I still get "de".

Another thing I noticed: my user (same rights and configuration like on
the notebook, realy I doublechecked this!) can't find startx.
I use the ksh and if I enter "startx" it said that it can't find startx
(yes I modified the account that he has acces to /usr/X11R6/bin and I
also entered in my path-vars).
If I enter "star<tab>" it shows me just "startxfce4" and xfce4 tell me:

/usr/local/bin/startxfce4: Starting X server
/usr/local/bin/startxfce4[43]: xinit: not found

I used exactly the same config as on the notebook and "here" it works
perfectly on my AMD64 I get just errors.

If I change the dir to /usr/X11R6/bin and enter just "startx" all things
work well, he can find the xinit and has NO error.

I've no problem with rights, my user has all needed permissions, all
files exist and they are all readable and at least: On the notebook it

Could it be that something is brocken?
I also recompiled the whole system and also X using anonCVS to get the
sources of 3.6-beta but these bugs are still alive.
I also downloaded it again because I thought maybe is a package corrupt
on my CD so I installed OpenBSD 3.6-beta again but I still have these

I would provide SSH-Acces if this would help but you wont be able to
notice that the keyboard-layout is wrong because all tools and files
tell me it's de.nodead even it isn't.


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