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Feature Request: ALL keyboard maps

Hi all,

Priority: LOW
OS: OpenBSD 3.5
Platform: i386

Specifying my former email on keyboards today:
I thought I found a bug about the keyboard reverting
to US whenever OpenBSD 3.5 i386 is rebooted.
I reinstalled and did some testing and found that
when I change the keyboard maping with "wsconsctl",
it doesn't stick. After reboot it returns to what
has been specified during installation (it seems now).
You probably all knew this and it probably isn't a bug.
If one wanted to permanently change the keyboard mapping,
one would probably just have to edit /etc/rc.

However, I have a feature request:
Wouldn't it be possible (without too much work) to
indlude ALL current keyboard maps instead of the now
only supported 20 or so? That shouldn't blow up size
too much but really adds a LOT of ease-of-use for all 
those who don't live in north america.
If I recall correctly, most linux distros offer a full
set with about 100-200 or so keyboard maps.
(Not that I prefer Linux, just the code / maps are 
probably all there for free.)
I'm asking this because I live in switzerland and am
using swiss german keyboards. Unfortunately other
keyboards are NOT available in german speaking switzerland.
The problem is this: Swiss german keyboards (Latin-1 de-CH or
something like that) is not the same as the standard de-map.
Most letters are the same, but many special characters are
different. This makes it hard for day to day administration.
How to write a bug report with sendbug, if you can't specify
your email address because you can't find or even print 
the "@" character... Or you can't print or find the "|" character 
for piping dmesg.

Of course, one might argument, that one could remamp single
keys by hand, using wsconsctl, but that's not only very tedious
to do for all wrong keys, but it especially doesn't
stick and is lost, as soon as the system is rebooted!

Otherwise I really enjoy the great documentation of OpenBSD!
Good work, my flavor!!! :-))) 
(Only too bad the man pages can't be downloaded
in a zip or html file from the main webpage... ;-)

Best wishes,

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