OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: documentation/3915, Brian Poole
  • mount_xfs.8 patch, Jon Olsson
  • Re: kernel/3919: small mfs problems, Otto Moerbeek
  • pf mbuf writability problem, YAMAMOTO Takashi
  • Re: system/3922: gdb --pid is totally broken in OpenBSD 3.6, Otto Moerbeek
  • Re: kernel/3925: aac(4) freeze, Marco Peereboom
  • Tushiyah, Tushiyah Press
  • Problem report with 3.5, Thomas L Gretch
  • [patch] make md5 -c output easier to parse., Han Boetes
  • Re: user/3914: [PATCH] modify and fix libexec/spamlogd, Michael O. Boev
  • Re: user/3927: ls on iso9660 displays negative filesize, Michael Shalayeff
  • some ansi and spelling patches, Jonathan Gray
  • Re: user/3875: HTTP client authorization in lynx and firefox doesn't work, Christian Jones
  • Re: user/3875: HTTP client authorization in lynx and firefox doesn't work, Christian Jones
  • sgi.html typo fixes, Christer Solstrand Johannessen
  • sgi.html typos and fixes, take two, christer solstrand johannessen
  • update url/urlphy license, Jonathan Gray
  • 'fill-paragraph' behaviour in mg editor, p3em9
  • install -d -m 700 blah/blah ; ls -ld blah, Han Boetes
  • OpenNTPD index.html diff, christer solstrand johannessen
  • openbsd 3.5 bug report --part of dmesg + HW configuration + notes, M S
  • manual.html & papers.html, christer solstrand johannessen
  • clarify chflags manpage, Han Boetes
  • bug in Berkeley DB, pacman
  • Out of Office AutoReply: Error, Mike Seth
  • newfs does not clear linux SWAP magic., Stephen Samuel
  • Re: documentation/3938: grep -r option not documented, Jared Yanovich
  • Re: system/3936: newfs doesn't work with offset 1, Otto Moerbeek
  • minor tweaks for the new lyrics, Christer Solstrand Johannessen
  • Re: system/3939: Repeatable crash in 3.5, Jared Yanovich
  • Installation from boot floppy not working, Mark Schmid
  • Re: user/3940: grep -l and -L cause . to match a newline, Otto Moerbeek
  • 3.6 snapshot - kayboard encoding dosn't work, van Helsing

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