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boot behaviour change in 3.4 ?

Spotted this on the soekris mailing list.
Apparently the bootloader won't timeout properly.
I'm not sure if this needs to be fixed in documentation
or if the actual boot code has a small bug somewhere.

>From soekris mailing list:

Add 'boot' to your /etc/boot.conf file so it looks something like this:

set tty com0
stty com0 19200

On Tuesday 04 November 2003 06:09 pm, Brian Havens wrote:
> Upon upgrading my net4501 to Openbsd 3.4, the boot process hangs at:
>   Using Drive: 0 Partition: 3
>   reading boot......
>   probing: pc0 com0 com1 pci mem[639K 63M a20=3Don]
>   disk: hd0+
>   >> OpenBSD/i386 BOOT 2.02
>   switching console to com0
> If I connect using the serial port and a terminal and press ENTER at 
> preceding section, the boot process continues on, and the board works
> admirably.  If I do not press ENTER, the process hangs indefinitely.
> The software and board worked before the upgrade FROM Openbsd 3.3.  
I am
> using comBIOS 1.15 and a Sandisk 128M CF card (980-8-32).
> -Brian
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