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Upgrading with installer: treatment of pathnames


This is almost cosmetic in significance, but it annoyed me enough to
be worthy of a bug report.

I'm upgrading from 3.2 to 3.3 using the installer.  It carefully told me
that it was mounting my home filesystem on `/mnt/home', but then when it
asked me for the directory containing the upgrade tarballs, it didn't accept
`/mnt/home/...', it needed `/home/...'.  At first I typed `/mnt/home/...',
of course, since it had just said that's the mount point it used, and it
said the directory didn't exist.  I reboot back into 3.2 just to verify that
the directory name was what I thought it was, and scratched my head trying
to figure out why the installer kept telling me it wasn't there.  _Finally_
I noticed the suggestion that I type `?', which I had ignored since I knew
where the directory was, and had no idea what `?' would do for me anyway.

I think the question should just say "(don't prepend `/mnt')", or else if
the user does type it, the code shouldn't prepend it again.

-- Scott