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Re: ARC4 algorithm

Robin Carey wrote:
> I made it very clear in my original email that I didn't want this kind of
> rude and offensive reply.

Do you have ANY idea how rude and offensive your original post is?

Wasting people's time with ill-researched, ill-considered,
undemonstrated, pseudo-"Facts", presented in a "I know more than you
do" attitude is far more offensive than any profanity will ever be.

You do NOT have the right to greatly offend everyone who _WORKS_ on
this project, then demand they be nice and polite to you.  

> You obviously can't read.

There are a number of things you obviously can't do.
> Don't bother sending me any more emails again (they'll be deleted and not
> read).

Hmmm...  Kjell contributes work and knowledge to the project.  
You contribute noise.

Guess what I'll be deleting.
> On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 kjell_(_at_)_pintday_(_dot_)_org wrote:
> > Stop wasting our time.

and I second that.