OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: afsd dumps core on sparc64 (fix included), Jan Johansson
  • some bugs with kqueue EVFILT_PROC, Peter Werner
  • Babylon Town Health Online, mail
  • plz send me free cds, Noman Khanzada
  • exec_subr.c broken, Björn Sandell
  • Fix to make NIC work on Intel D845GRG Motherboard, Chris Nadovich
  • SA_SIGINFO siginfos and contexts are broken when using pthreads, Eric Albert
  • failure notice, MAILER-DAEMON
  • raidctl.8 .Nm patch, wes
  • lib/libc/net not thread safe, Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino
  • [patch] to clean up "\n" from panic() calls, Chris Kuethe
  • USER_LDT comment in i386/GENERIC config file, Sebastian Stark
  • unlink upgrade-minifaq.html#3.1.7 ??, Fery Wibowo Utomo
  • panic on 3.2, alex avriette
  • ftpd and bsd_auth fixes, Moritz Jodeit
  • upgrade-minifaq.html update for /etc/fbtab, Sebastian Stark
  • email, stevenw
  • another sparc panic, alex avriette
  • #error "Inconsistency between crypto.h and cryptlib.c", leandro
  • gcc3 patch for src makefiles using yacc, David Krause
  • unused variable in login_lchpass, Peter Werner
  • Yet another bug in ahc., Robert Rędziak
  • [no subject], Matthew V. Sendak
  • Re:, Josep Maria
  • Un site plus rentable, tdinc
  • lack of subpackage documentation, Michael Coulter
  • 033 SECURITY FIX, Lawrence Chan
  • Pentium Pro, DELL OptiPlex GxPro, Alex efternamn
  • panic installing 3.1 on SparcStation 10, Rainer Duffner
  • ppp - bus error, Rainer Duffner
  • sparc64.html - broken links update, Andrey Smagin
  • 未承諾広告, オフィスアキラ
  • kernel hang on openbsd/current unless udma turned off (shuttle ss51g), Gilbert Fernandes
  • Sparc64, fox

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