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I don't know whether this qualifies as an official bug or not, but, I am
having the following problem with ppp:

both /var/log/ppp.log and the error messages in ppp interactive mode
report the message

Warning ff02::%tun0/32 non -existent
together with del route failed and/or change route failed.

The next time I try to connect the log reports dev tty01 or dev cua01
doesn't support CD.

I am using an external modem, I am using the ppp.conf script recommended
by my ISP for auto mode.

It seems as if there is an ipv6 address configured on an interface that
is "persistent".  The only two interfaces configured on the system is
which has an IP address and no ipv6 address, and tun0 or
tun1 for the attempt at ppp connectivity.

If this does not qualify as an official bug, who do I contact?

Thanks for any help.


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